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TRS Range Services (TRS) provides construction, design and evaluation services for your range needs. From turn-key shooting range projects to expert witness services for range litigation, TRS upholds the highest standard of quality that our clients have come to expect.

Indoor and Outdoor Ranges

TRS specializes in the design and construction of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges of all types. Our team has provided our design-build services to law enforcement and military clients all over the United States. Our experts understand the unique factors that impact firing ranges such as safety, environmental concerns, public perception, functionality, and training.


Live Fire Shoot Houses

Our Live Fire Shoot Houses offer a full 360 degree armored reconfigurable training facility, providing a secure close quarters combat (CQC/CQB) training space. Our shoot houses are functional with the use of either live ammunition or simulation training. The patented design offers safety and flexibility to provide a product to meet our client’s needs.


Range Towers

TRS’ Range Towers are custom built to meet your specific needs. Whether it is additional storage, 180 degree observation, rappelling or an added sniper deck, we will build the tower to meet your specialized training needs.


Construction Services

TRS’ versatile team offers a complete turn-key construction service.


Design Services

Our superior range Design Services come from our construction experience, streamlining the project.


Range Evaluations, Safety,
& Support

Ranges are under ever-increasing pressure to provide a safe, functional and environmentally sound site for firearms use. TRS’ goal is to find workable, cost-effective solutions for our clients.


We are also recognized by the Small Business Administration as a "Disadvantaged, Minority-owned Small Business." This allows easier contracting opportunities for government agencies interested in using our services.

TRS Range Services, LLC (TRS) Provides Total Range Solutions for all your range needs.
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