Indoor and Outdoor Ranges

TRS has designed over 200 indoor and outdoor ranges throughout the United States. Our professional and skilled design team is here to meet our clients’ needs. TRS is committed to complete all project on time and under budget, exceeding your expectations for design, engineering, and construction.

Our services include in-house design and construction teams to provide a complete turn-key service

Outdoor Ranges

TRS' outdoor ranges include combinations of the following components.

Outdoor Bullet Containment

Our Outdoor Bullet Containment (OBC) features our Granular Rubber Bullet Trap, invented by company owner Kerry O’Neal.

The advantages of this system include:

  • Trap for use with all pistol, shotgun, and rifle rounds up to 50 BMG
  • Proven containment system that reduces bullet ricochet and lead migration
  • A design providing a safe environment for shooters
  • Ballistic media to reduce sound
  • Use of recycled material
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced initial investment (compared to steel trap)
  • Integrated storm water filtration system
  • Total encapsulation of soil under the bullet trap

Outdoor Overhead Baffle

TRS' Outdoor Overhead Baffles (OOB) were developed in response to a request to provide a “no blue sky” firing range at an affordable price.  With a consistent base design, the baffling component can be customized to meet your individual needs.

The basic design offers:

  • Ballistic material used to eliminate bullet penetration
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Rifle and pistol capable

Optional Outdoor Range Protection

When it comes to range design and use, the most important things are safety and value to the client.

TRS offers these additional components to meet your specific range needs:

  • Ballistic Dividing Walls
  • Sound Mitigation Walls
  • Ballistic Knee Walls
  • Steel Shooting Tubes
  • Steel Eyebrow Baffle

Indoor Ranges

TRS' indoor ranges include combinations of the following components.

Indoor Bullet Containment

TRS’ signature Indoor Bullet Containment (IBC) incorporates our patented Granular Rubber Bullet Trap technology into an interior application. Developed by patent inventor and TRS owner, Kerry O’Neal, the IBC consists of a similar design to our outdoor system. The IBC can be used with pistol, shotgun, and rifle rounds up to 50 BMG and has many notable advantages over steel traps.

This is a proven containment component that will provide the following benefits:

  • Ballistic media to reduce sound
  • Minimize ricochet and fragmentation (splash-back)
  • Use of a recycled material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost effective

Indoor Overhead Baffle

TRS’ Indoor Overhead Baffle (IOB) was developed as an effective means of providing overhead bullet containment for indoor ranges.  As with our outdoor baffling, the indoor component has a consistent base design that has the ability to be customized depending on the caliber of firearm used. 

The IOB design offers:

  • Ballistic material used to eliminate bullet penetration
  • Angled design to direct and contain
  • Minimize ricochet and fragmentation (splash-back)
  • Ballistic rubber panels to absorb bullets and mitigate noise
  • Low maintenance and replacement of parts
  • Cost effective

We are also recognized by the Small Business Administration as a "Disadvantaged, Minority-owned Small Business." This allows easier contracting opportunities for government agencies interested in using our services.

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