Live Fire Shoot Houses

TRS prides itself on the design and construction of its Live Fire Shoot Houses (LFSH).These contained training environments are a culmination of several of our Range Components which are designed and constructed in-house. Each of the our LFSH are custom built tomeet your specific needs. Some of the components consist of:

TRS provides a ballistic protective roof structure to meet a zero surface danger zone 

Ballistic Wall System

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Flexible Wall Layout

Movable walls in the shoot house significantly enhances the experience for users. This has been a serious limitation for most shoot houses historically as it is difficult to design movable wall partitions that maintain ballistic containment properties. TRS shoot houses offer our clients a swinging panel systems that allows for the interior room configurations to be modified, creating differing scenarios for CQC training.


Custom designed catwalks provide instructors a unique vantage point for training and safety.

TRS understands the importance of Live Fire Shoot Houses for modern day law enforcement and military training. Quality and safety are essential principles when it comes to our designs. Ballistic protection, proper ventilation, and training options are all available in our shoot houses.

We are also recognized by the Small Business Administration as a "Disadvantaged, Minority-owned Small Business." This allows easier contracting opportunities for government agencies interested in using our services.

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